Hulu is continuing to generate excitement about the series. Pam & Tommy.

The streamer released the official full-length trailer for the show on Wednesday, Jan. 5, describing Pamela Anderson Tommy LeeThis sex tape is “the greatest love tale ever told”

The clip shows Tommy and Pam as portrayed by Sebastian Stan Lily James respectively, came to know each other. Like most Hollywood romances they met at an event. Pamela recalled, “I liked his smile.” I still do.”

But the rocker and actress’ relationship takes a turn after the pair films a sex tape on their Mexico honeymoon in 1995.

The video was later taken by former workers who were disgruntled. Rand Gauthier (Seth RogenUncle Miltie (Nick OffermanThey don’t understand what the consequences could be of taking this tape. Uncle Miltie, as they look at the video, utters, “This is so secret, it’s almost like we are seeing something that we shouldn’t be seeing.”