Terry BradshawOn this week’s brand-new episode, he may feel a little overwhelmed The Bradshaw Bunch.

The NFL Hall of Famer is set to perform live with his daughter, professional singer Rachel Bradshaw, and not just anywhere, but on stage at one of the most iconic concert halls of all time: the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

You can see the pair rehearsing in the sneak peek video, but Rachel or her producer aren’t there. LelandTerry’s singing impressed many.

She confesses to him, “Dad it’s just playing with me that I’m being goofy,”

However, Terry insists that he’s just attempting to calm his nerves. Terry says, “Everybody can relax before big events!” He said. “I just want to end the tension.

Rachel is equally nervous, admitting that she may or may not be “s––tting” her pants.