Bradshaws give back. 

Enjoy an exclusive peek into tonight’s event during this sneak peak Bradshaw Bunch Airing Wednesday, December 29 Terry Bradshaw leads the family in volunteering at a Feed the City event in Dallas. Since 2015, the nonprofit organization has fed over 2.5 million people, and the Bradshaws celebrated the holidays this year by working to provide over 700 meals. 

Terry, TammyRachel and Lacey‘s husband, Noah, To make meat-and cheese sandwiches, create an assembly line. But Terry quickly finds a joke in the process, and it doesn’t take Terry long to teasingly accuse his wife of having the easier job. 

She responds, “Just put the meat on the bread.” It’s not difficult, is it? 

Terry says, “I have to seperate the meat!” The meat must be folded in half. Terry then takes one bite. 

He jokes, “I am starving.”  

Rachel reminds his father that he can’t have the food because he is too busy manning it.