But this isn’t the first time Brett has channeled his Inner child 

CelebHomes News interviewed Brett and Ashley about their relationship in a CelebHomes News interview. Juno Temple explained that Roy and Keeley’s relationship is similar to that of the characters from Beauty and the Beast.

“Someone used the example of Beauty and the BeastJuno told CelebHomes News that Juno was “very happy,” in July. “And I think that really hit home with us, as it kind of fits that classic fairy tale of the unbreakable façade of an angry, beautiful, mysterious man. Then there is the sweet, bouncy girl. He chips at her, you know. Finally she breaks through, and beneath is Prince Charming.

Brett explained to me that his character is “progressive Beast.”

He argued, “You see she isn’t locked in.” He would love to lock her up, but he is well-aware that it’s unlikely to be fair. These days, that would be frowned upon. So, he does let her come and go…other than that they’re exactly Beauty and the Beast.”