SaweetieHas Tap, tap, and tap againListen to her thoughts.

While talking with CelebHomes News Laverne CoxThe singer was humbled to receive her first Grammy nomination at the 2022 Grammys in April.

Sawetie, who was nominated for the Best New Artist award, grumbled, while trying to hold back her tears. It happened so quickly, I didn’t expect it.” 

The 28-year old is also the youngest female rapper to be nominated for this award. Due to the “Best Friend” collaboration, she won Best Rap Song. Doja Cat. (The award was ultimately given to Kanye West Jay-ZFor Jail.)

Sawetie expressed admiration for Doja, saying, “She looks amazing, she sounds good, and she raps bang.” “I knew her like three years before she collaborated with me. “I’m so happy for you tonight!”

Doja feels the same way: Doja thinks Saweetie’s a bad little bitch. CelebHomes News spoke to Doja in May, 2021 Billboard Music Awards. She said that she feels like it has been the year for remixes and collaborations. “I have no idea what’s in there. However, I do enjoy working with such talented, incredible, and beautiful women.