Oh, siblings. It’s impossible to live without them.

There is no doubt that there are many. Oliver HudsonAnd Kate Hudson have a strong bond, some may wonder just how passionate they are about the other’s careers. They answered when they were asked about their mutual respect for each other’s work on the January 27th episode. The Late Show Starring Stephen Colbert may surprise you.

Kate confessed that she had only seen the premiere episode of her brother’s Fox TV TV series. The Cleaning Lady, Oliver didn’t get mad—he got even!

“I’m going to let her off the hook here,” he joked to host Stephen Colbert. “We don’t share our stuff.” Your movies are only a fraction of what I have seen.

Kate suggested that he had not seen it. AnyHe replied that he knew what they did. She’s only seen one film of hers. You have seen them all.