Decorate your halls with boughs full of holly North WestIt is available to you for the holidays.  

North (8 years old) logged in to her TikTok account on Sunday, December 12, and shared it with her mom. Kim KardashianTo help share your Christmas preparations.

While North posted a gorgeous look through of the family’s festive decorations throughout the house, she also took a moment to highlight how her two pet lizards, adorably named Bean And Cheese, are getting into the holiday spirit.  

North is heard narration behind the camera, introducing her pets. North said “This is lizard cheese.” She said, “This is my Lizard Bean.” 

She pans her camera towards the side and a gray stocking is hung between their enclosures. 

North said that Bean and Cheese are feeling festive. However, her mom does not share warm holiday sentiments for her coldblooded family members.