She laughed, “You know I was an allie, but now I am a card-carrying member.” And I did not know it would be this thing. It will mean the same to many others who have reached out and expressed their opinions about it. I had no idea.”
As much as Betts and Nash have been loved by their fans, Nash also has received the same love from her children. Dominic, DonielleAnd Dia Nash, all of whom share their mom’s passion for the arts.
“Both the girls are acting.” “My son, he is bit by the bug as well,” she said. She said, “But my little one and better half.” [Betts]They both sing. The other day it was wonderful to hear their voices in the studio. My bae and my baby!”

After hitting the 2022 Oscars red carpet, Nash has a new project up her sleeve, teaming up with IHOP as the chain’s International Bank of Pancakes’ loyalty-rewards program’s Stack Broker.

She shared that she is trying to get the word out about ways you can earn more. You can redeem “pancoins” later to get more IHOP food by downloading the app. “You get a pancake, you get a pancake, you get a pancake!”