The secret is out!

Nearly four more months follow. Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd announced they were having a baby, the couple is ready to share whether they’re having a boy or girl. In an exclusive sneak peek at the Oct. 27 episode of Married at First Sight: Couples’ Cam, cameras rolled as the parents-to-be invited their family friends over for the big reveal.

Austin and Jessica both believed it was a boy before the big moment. Jessica stated, “I haven’t experienced any sickness and my heart rate was under 150 when we first went. If it’s under 150, then it’s supposed be a boy.” According to the Chinese calendar it’s a boy.

What’s the end result? Drumroll please…

It’s a boy!

“My prediction was correct. Jessica shared that they are about to have a boy. “I’m very happy. It’s surreal, exciting, and crazy all at once.