Maya Rudolph Kym Whitley have us ready to get down.

These iconic dancers are the stars of Hollywood. Boyz II MenThis exclusive clip is from Apple TV+’s July 29th episode. Loot

Whitley plays Renee, Molly (Ruoldph), cousin in this episode. According to the streamer, “She is an intimidating, no-nonsense and tough cookie.” She and Molly were close friends as children, but they drifted apart after Molly was married.

It’s not all movin’ and groovin’, though—at least not initially.

Molly encourages Renee to pick up her cards and dance when the music plays at the party.

“Uh oh! What’s the song?” Renee, do you remember that song? As she starts to copy the iconic boy band’s moves, Renee says. We listened to this song over and over, and everyone watched us dance it.

Renee however cannot bear to glance up from her game of poker.