This show is likely to include a discussion about Pete and Kanye WestThe platform will launch a new feature, ‘, on April 14.

Although the premiere was exciting, it has not stopped the family from having a great week. Kourtney KardashianAnd Travis BarkerAfter the Grammys in April, the couple held a Las Vegas wedding ceremony. But that wasn’t the end of their adventures.

Kourtney shared the following Instagram story: “Once upon an time in a country far, far away (Las Vegas), after an epic evening and a lot of tequila,” Kourtney said. “A queen and her handsome King ventured out into an open chapel with Elvis to get married (without a license). Practice makes perfect.”

Although she was unable to get a marriage certificate on so short notice, she said Jimmy KimmelWe just did it anyways. It’s all about what is in the heart.

And while it’s not legal on paper, that didn’t stop their friends and family from celebrating their declarations of love. Simon Huck wrote, “Who doesn’t love a Vegas dress rehearsal?” Kim shared four chapel emojis.