Kelly ClarksonThis moment was the best I have ever seen.

As seen in the episode Dec. 8, of Kelly Clarkson ShowThe 39-year old singer enjoyed interviewing her favourite actresses. Sandra Bullock. As they shared their 10 minute sit-down, the couple began to giggle as they discussed everything, including Christmas and parenthood.

Sandra (57), joked that she’d voted for the side-splitting segment. Justin GuariniHe faced Kelly in the season’s first finale. American Idol. Kelly laughed and said, “Look, it’s good that you won.” It doesn’t really matter for whom I voted.”

Kelly attempted to keep it cool at first but Sandra complimented Kelly’s vocal skills and ended up being a huge fangirl. This cute exchange caused both stars to praise each other.

“I’m nervous! I’m sweating!” Kelly said to her guest. “You’re Sandra Bullock! You are a great fan of mine! “I know every single movie that you have made.”