Enjoy this elaborate sex scene. 

Kellan Lutz‘s created a sex reveal contraption that kept his wife Brittany LutzHer toes. 

Brittany shared a video on her Instagram of the Cullen twins from Twilight prepared a piñata with a surprise inside that would tell the couple the sex of their second baby. After pulling on ribbons and counting over a hundred coins, Brittany learned that they’ll be having a baby boy join the family soon.

She captioned the video, “This is my husband. Nothing is what it seems

She first discovered that some of the ribbons hanging from the heart shaped piñata released a trap door inside. Every pull of the pinata’s ribbons is killing me! “The suspense is killing me with every pull!” she wrote. She wrote: 

In a rush to capture the pink confetti which initially dropped out of her hand, she began “picturing.” Ashtyn having a little sissy.”