Wednesday Addams does something strange.

You can find the trailer here WednesdayThis fall, Netflix will premiere the classic story of the Addams Family. But don’t fret—Wednesday, played by Jenna OrtegaIt’s clear that she has not lost her edge.

As Wednesday strolls the hallways of Nancy Reagan High School, a voiceover states, “Miss Addams. You’ve certainly enjoyed a very educational journey.” “Eight schools within five years.”

After entering into the school’s pool area where a water polo practice is underway, a player tells Wednesday, “Hey freak, this is a closed practice.”

Evidently Wednesday has a vendetta in her head and responds to the words of the jock with, “The only one who can torture my brother’s soul is me.”

Then Wednesday takes two bags with piranhas out of his bag and throws them in the pool.

Wednesday: “I did this for the world,” Wednesday said. People like Dalton should not be permitted to reproduce. Expulsion was a bonus.

In five years, that’s nine schools!