It doesn’t feel too big.HypedThis is it!

Chase Hudson a.k.a. LILHUDDY moved out of the Hype House and the rest of his housemates are It is notIt makes me happy. Here’s a sneak peak of Netflix. Hype House, which premieres Jan. 7, TikTok influencers Thomas Petrou And Mia Hayward Disseminate Chase’s resignation from the house.

“The way that Chase moved out was disrespectful,” Mia says in the video, “Rude as f––k. “I don’t know how that could be done to one of your best friends.”

In the clip, Thomas flashes to three-months ago footage, in which he explains exactly what went wrong, noting that Chase handled it “absolutely horribly.” A month ago he sat in a meeting and said, ‘I’m moving in with you guys 100 percent,’ and then secretly looked for houses without telling anyone. He got the job and had his manager contact me to ask how I could afford it.