An ongoing battle. 

Ebie is showing her vulnerable side on the all-new episode of CelebHomes’s Ranch Rules are Relatively PopularThis program will be broadcast tonight on February 16.

Gathered around a campfire with her co-stars in this sneak peek, the musician is opening up about the death of her father, famed rapped Eazy-E. Ebie recalls, “When my father died, it was almost like a deathbed wedding that took place.” The woman who was his wife on his deathbed made a will, and then a trust which took almost everything.

Ebie claims that she has less than a T-shirt from her father, even now.

Ebie says, “Fortunately, growing up, my mother was still in music business.” She was a music manager, and also did real estate. So she was very successful for her self and it made it seem as though I was living off super-rich Eazy-E.

Ebie was able to make her own music and become a performer and musician in L.A. as she grew older. However, Ebie encountered another “battle”