Over the next few months, the two packed on the PDA at events and on social media. Season five will also feature their love story. Selling SunsetThe two of them are now apart. In December, Stause and Oppenheim confirmed their split, with him noting they “have different wants regarding a family.” 

As Stause put it on Instagram, “Men have the luxury of time that women don’t and that’s just the way it goes.” Her later comment was, “I really hope to one-day have a family. All decisions that I make now are made with that goal.”

Stause stated that they “underwent” a period of transition after the breakup but it appears like they are now in great spirits.

“I am very proud to state that we are really good friends,” she stated during episode 022 of The Adam Carolla Show podcast. It was one of those splits where nobody is wrong. He’s an amazing guy.”