In Jurassic World, you always have to be prepared for the unexpected—and it looks like the same is true when on the red carpet. 

Chris PrattSurprise co-star Bryce Dallas HowardBy hilariously crash-crashing her CelebHomes Live!Interview with the Jurassic World DominionPremiere in Los Angeles, June 6

“Oh, hey!” He asked her in the middle their conversation about CelebHomes. Erin Lim Rhodes. Is it possible to interview you? I’m sorry.” 

But Bryce and Erin invited Chris to join them and reflect on if it was emotional to wrap up the final film in the Jurassic World trilogy. 

Bryce said, “I cried for the whole flight home,”BD WongIt was something like “Our leading lady isn’t doing well.”

Chris had a different experience. His teasing remarks included, “I once cried when I was six weeks old because my femur was broken.” The emotion is strong. It’s a roller coaster of emotions: gratitude…but also you know that it’s going away and that’s kind of sad. It’s very fleeting, so I make an effort to be fully present. So, in the moment I am trying to have some fun. It’s quite damn good.