Amandla StenbergThey forgive, but never forget. 

Rue was played by the actress. The Hunger GamesFinally, confronted Jack QuaidCelebHomes News Exclusive: Marvel’s Marvel, featuring a CelebHomes News Video from Comic-Con 2022. 

For those who don’t remember—or those who would just rather forget—Marvel accidentally killed 12-year-old Rue while attempting to stab Katniss (Jennifer LawrenceIn the first movie of the franchise, he starred as ).

Amandla sat down with the filmmaker responsible more than 10 years after their original release.

“Hello, Jack. Amandla shared the following video: “It’s been so long.” “It took me time to get better. It still hurts sometimes. However, we all have faults. I am sorry.

Jack was clearly shaken and fell to his knees, shouting “Yes!” Amandla made the reveal.  

“Yes, oh my gosh. Jack expressed his gratitude for the opportunity. “Oh my God, they were spetting all over me on the streets for years!”

All of us can now stop laughing at Jack.