Abby Lee Miller is ready for her next role: Real Housewife. 

To be more specific, Dance momsStar wants to join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills—so much so that she made her case in an 8-minute YouTube video shared on July 26. 

Misleadingly titled to make it seem like she’s already been cast, the video starts with Abby addressing “rumors” that she’s joining the show. It goes without saying that said rumors are unsubstantiated—after all, many of them can be traced back to Bravo fan/meme accounts—but as Abby explains, she’s ready to get the actual conversation rolling.

Andy CohenPlease call me. You have my number,” she said, reflecting on a past Live: Watch What Happens appearance. “I used to sit on the couch.”

Now, she is eager to be back at the Clubhouse clutching a diamond. The reality TV star added, “I’m ready to sign the dotted line. Especially if it comes with a husband.”