Now Tuesdays won’t be as tearful. This Is Us has concluded.

On May 24, the series finale was aptly titled “Us”, and viewers were given a goodbye to Pearson’s family of six television seasons. However, did the series finale provide viewers with the closure and satisfaction that longtime stars hoped for? Jon Huertas promised to CelebHomes News? That’s up to you.

Kate was the next to appear in the episode.Chrissy MetzKevinJustin HartleyRandall (Sterling K. Brown) as they prepared for their mother Rebecca’s funeral and began to make peace with the fact that she’s gone. Flashback scenes showed Rebecca younger than her mother, but it was not all sadness.Mandy Moore) and her first husband Jack (Milo VentimigliaThey spent the day creating memories together (played in series originals) Lonnie ChavisMackenzie HancsicsakAnd Parker Bates, respectively).

As the episode came to a close, we jumped back to Rebecca’s death scene, where we learned what Jack told Rebecca during their reunion in, what we assume was, the afterlife.