Walt Disney is an individual whose name speaks for himself and continues to be heard through his work, which remains to be ongoingly successful even as it evolves. You can see his work on TV, and of course live it in California or Florida. But, the theme park which no one has regular access to is his former estate in Mountain Center, CA. At least not everyone. One lucky buyer or two will get to experience how Disney lived and got down on his off time, for $535,000. Yes, we were surprised by the price tag too. Although the house is a 1 bedroom and 1.5 bathroom.

One would also be paying for the acreage (2.63 acres). The house appears to serve mostly as a great retreat for whenever you’d want to just get away from it all and have peace and take in the silence. The best place to do this on the 1,440 sq ft premises is the backside, where you can observe the vast distant landscapes that lie beyond the cliff. The backside can also accommodate a nice little BBQ. The fairly spacious living room makes for entertaining guests further. It’s said that Humphrey Bogart, Bob Hope, and Lucille Ball visited Disney at his crib.

Address: 56160 Las Rocas, Mountain Center CA 92561

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  1. Lets see, Walt died in 1966, Bogart in 1957, etc., how could have any of them have “partied” in a house that was built in 1970 when they were long dead before that?

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