Part of becoming a successful king is controlling as much territory as possible. If you follow Zillow, or have followed, then you’re most likely aware of some former real estate pieces of “The King.” But, like any other king that we’ve read and discussed in class, Elvis Presley owned property in various parts, especially in California. Once again, we discover that The King of Rock N’ Roll owned another house in “The Golden State,” right on Ladera Cir. It’s reportedly on the market for $9.5 million, and is smaller than Elvis’s other former homes.

Be as it may, the two-story house in Palm Springs remains to be psychedelic and has much to offer. For starters, the premises is walled off and the main entranced is gated. While this former home in particular doesn’t match up to The King’s other former homes, 4,695 sq ft is still a good amount of living space. And, you wouldn’t have to wait to use the bathroom! The house has 4 bathrooms, and 2 bedrooms.

The living room is perfect for entertaining guests and observing views of the backyard from the inside. In speaking of the backyard, it has a nice swimming pool and adequate poolside seating space. It can also accommodate a BBQ. Other amenities include fireplace and formal/casual dining.

Address: 1350 Ladera Cir, Palm Springs CA 92262