Prepare for some creative swordwork!

EliteStar Miguel BernardeauPrime Video has cast this casting ZorroAccording to Variety. The reboot series presents a contemporary version of the famed masked Crusader. This fictional vigilante has its roots back to 1919. 

Secouya Studios is producing Bernardeau’s Zorro. According to Secouya Studios: “Zorro will have been shaped by his relationships from his youth. Love and disappointment in loves which will forge his character development and reflect an unrepeatable masculinity.” 

We were left scratching our heads after the announcement and began to wonder: What makes this so familiar?

This is, in fact, the third. ZorroIn the past five months, adaptations have been announced!

Wilmer ValderramaShe will be the star of a Disney Zorro live action series. “I’ll tell you this: This will be a Zorro for this generation,” Valderrama said on Drew Barrymore ShowMay 9, May 9.