While Baby wasn’t put in the corner of this love triangle, she did cut it pretty close.

The 1980s saw a time period when Jennifer Grey was engaged to to Matthew Broderick—then Johnny DeppJust weeks later.

It was a clear sign that trouble was afoot, the author said. Dirty DancingActress shared the May 12th episode of Drew Barrymore Show. “I mean, honestly, I just thought it was God rescuing me from one bad situation, and just lovingly plopping me into a Johnny Depp soufflé.”

Here is a brief timeline: In 1985 she met Broderick at a film set. Ferris Bueller’s Day OffThey were brother and sister in the movie “The Brothers” In 1988, the actor proposed to her with a Tiffany & Co. diamond solitaire engagement ring, she writes in her new memoir The Corner, but they soon split, after which she flew to Los Angeles.