Perhaps you’ll find all the tools needed to repair anything at Home Depot. There you will find a smile. Tom Schwartz was spotted one day after he and wife Katie Maloney confirmed their breakup.

It Vanderpump Rules star called the split “complicated” when a celebrity photographer encountered him outside the home improvement store in L.A on March 16. Schwartz replied that he was doing well and later added, “Ofcourse I’m sorry, but we still love one another very deeply.”

The reality star said he’s been busy working to prepare for the opening of his and Bravo co-star Tom SandovalThis is the new standard. When asked about rumors that Sandoval had something to do with his and Maloney’s separation, Schwartz took full blame. Schwartz replied, “No. No that’s all my fault.” “I wish I could have a scapegoat. But that’s all on my shoulders.”

He said that the split was “complicated, evidently”. He said, “But nothing particularly. Life, you’re aware. It’s complicated.”

How might the demise of this duo affect you? Vanderpump RulesSchwartz stated that he didn’t know the future plans for the program. I’m always optimistic, eternally. Yes, it’s okay. “I’m keeping busy.”