At the time, the outlet asked Dwayne about Vin’s past comments about their very public feud.

Vin said that “I can give a lot tough love.” It’s not Felliniesque. But I would do any thing I had to in order to have performances in whatever I produce.”

Dwayne responded to Vin’s comments by laughing and giggling hard. That was a great joke. It’s that simple.

He added, “And that they’ve wished well.” He added, “And that I’ve wished them well.” Quick 9 All the best to them. Rapid 10 Fast 11The rest of the Fast & FuriousMovies they make that I won’t be able to see.

Three months later, Dwayne addressed his and Vin’s drama once more and the viral Instagram post that first added fuel to the fire.

For a refresher: In August 2016, Dwayne posted a cryptic message about his co-stars on Fate of the FuriousHe said. While he didn’t specifically name anyone, he praised a few cast members and threw shade at others.