Jeb StuartVikings: Valhalla is its own show. 

Stuart is a screenwriter. Die Hard FugitiveThe sequel is being worked on by. Michael HirstThe best historical drama Vikings. On February 25, 2019, the showrunner of Netflix’s new series was announced. Vikings: Valhalla explained that the series is unlike its predecessor. 

He said, “It can be tricky after a show that has a lot of followers.” Variety. “I do know that trying to produce a Michael Hirst-scripted show was going down was the one thing I knew was going wrong.” 

He explained that while he was a fan of the original show, he and Hirst are “just two entirely different writers.”

He continued: “I am actually trying to please my fans and at the same times, trying to make show that would reach larger audience in certain respects so it doesn’t seem too similar.” Vikings.”