Now, a majority of us know who Gregory Peck is (The Omen, MacArthur, and maybe the TV series Moby Dick). Apparently, his wife Veronique Peck was an actress as well. Born in one of the most romantic places in the world (Paris), Veronique is known to be in TV movies. Whatever she was doing eventually led her to own a gorgeous 9,182 sq ft home in no other city than Los Angeles. Now, it’s for the taking. It’s reported that Mrs. Peck died in 2012 due to heart failure. Mr. Peck died in 2003. The french actress may be deceased. But, she left behind a monstrous two-story gem. The current owner(s) is asking for $24.995 million at this time. A key feature of this 1932-built estate is it has a fusion of simple comfy living and elegance. Of course, it has a nice big pool with poolside patio. This is where you’ll find an awe-inspiring backyard that’s very well-maintained. In the backyard, you’d find a gazebo. The backside of the 7 bed/9 bath home is, overall, romantic and relaxing at best. Price tag includes a hefty amount of goodies; chef’s kitchen, breakfast area, fireplaces, laundry room, walk-in closets, office, and privacy. The 1.31 acre property allows for some expansion. A guest house and/or pool house can easily be added on to what presently exists. Address: 539 S Mapleton Dr, Los Angeles CA 90024