What’s the end result of a man li-li-li-licking a woman from her head to her toe and moving from the bed, and down to the down to the floor? Well, for starters, that “man” is Ludacris (Christopher Bridges). The end result is Ludacris having a baby and telling the court that his income is too limited for child support and can pay only up to a certain amount. Meanwhile, he shells out $4.8 million for a 5 bedroom and 5 bathroom casa in Holly Hills. It’s just a matter of time until this news reaches the mother of his child. In the meantime, Ludacris, enjoy the 5,854 sq ft pad as much as possible.

We’re confident that he will enjoy his new home, knowing that the property includes a pool and hot tub/spa. The entire house boasts elegance and simplicity. Kitchen’s already furnished, and no party go-er shall go seatless. The two-story estate offers full views of what’s below the hills and the distant downtown area. The living room/kitchen area on the bottom floor opens up immediately to the generous patio area, where the pool and hot tub/spa can be found. Upstairs contains a little study/library area. Outside lies an outdoor romantic lounge. Other amenities include fireplace and personal attached 2-door garage.

Address: Unknown