In the quest for equal pay Venus Williams isn’t playing games.

Venus, a tennis professional who concentrates on her game while playing, knows there is more to the story. The 41-year old athlete uses her voice to make change happen, as March 15 marks Equal Pay Day.

Venus exclusive shared the #PrivilegeTax concept with CelebHomes News. “This movement, which we’ve created as real data that shows women only earn 82c for every dollar made by men and it’s very serious problem,” Venus. It’s a personal issue for me, so I feel passionately about it.”

Venus, who was 18 when she first arrived at the Grand Slams, said that she realized she was not being paid the same as the male competitors. This realization was “hard blow”, and one she didn’t want to see other young girls go through.

Venus stated, “I’m excited to be partnering many companies to close the gap, raise awareness, raise money at grassroots levels and also to partner Credit Karma, which has made this possible within their organization over the last few years.” This gap must be closed.