The combination of business and pleasure is more beautiful than ever.

While Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey‘s three kids may be enjoying summer vacation, momAnd dad are just a tad busy. Nick has been busy with performing. 98 DegreesWhile Vanessa films NCIS Hawaii.

However, the Aloha State allows Nick and Vanessa to spend more time with their family. This week Vanessa was able to escape Los Angeles to celebrate Nick’s 11th wedding anniversary.  

Vanessa shared exclusively with CelebHomes News that “we’re going to have dinner after I get home from the set, and then he’s going out with his friends and have some fun,” Vanessa revealed. It’s important that we celebrate with each other, but it’s equally important to have our own celebrations.

She said, “Whether he watches a football game or plays golf with his buddies, I want him doing that throughout the day.” Then I see him full and happy at night.