Vanessa HudgensHas her head in an award-show game 

You are one of the most prominent stars tick, tick…BOOM!The actress is getting ready for a season filled with celebrations, nominations, and more.

While appearing on CelebHomes, Red Carpet: Live from the Red CarpetBefore the 2022 SAG Awards Vanessa was required to credit director Lin-Manuel MirandaFor all his hard work behind-the scenes.

“It was such an interesting time because we were trying to figure out how to film a movie during COVID,” she exclusively told CelebHomes News’ Yvette Nicole Brown. “It was really hard because I didn’t get to have those moments that I really wanted to have like all of us in between takes jamming out together and singing musical theater songs because we are all such musical theater nerds, but he has a genuine kindness and genuinely sees everyone.”

Vanessa added, “He’s sees everyone the same and I’m like, ‘You are a kind human being’ and I love that. That’s what is most important.