In light of modern technology and Sheriff Alex VillanuevaVanessa denies that Vanessa mishandled the incident.

“These deputies and firefighters took the worst thing that has ever happened to me—the worst thing that could happen to any mother or spouse—and made it worse,” Vanessa continues. One of two outcomes will occur in my entire life: close-up photographs of my husband and my daughter’s bodies online will be viral, or I’ll continue living with fear.

Vanessa has filed opposition to this. Skip Miller, partner at the Miller Barondess law firm and outside counsel for L.A. County issued the following statement: “While the County sympathizes with Ms. Bryant’s tragic loss, it did not cause the crash that claimed the lives of her husband and child. Instead, the County responded to her crash, creating a no flying zone and making extensive attempts to keep the press and paparazzi away. This lawsuit is not meritorious. The County performed its duties.