This beauty product is reviewed by experts:

These razors are great for dermaplaning. The razors can be used a couple of times before I throw them away. Use oil to make the razor glide over your skin. Also, pull your skin taut. Tinkles can help you remove a lot of skin and hair. You’ll be shocked, disgusted, and delighted with how much you get rid of! These are used on my entire face and neck once a week. These are great and my friends love them.

“Woe to me! I lost the spare Tinkles I had and I was ready for a new set. They last quite a while. It was difficult to find the place I had “safely” stored them. While I waited to order more, I decided to try another type while waiting for Tinkles to arrive. Sadness. A bad idea. Do not do it. It’s not something you want to do. No, you don’t. No. Just…no. You’re a bad idea. Wait. Wait and you will get your Tinkles. It was too late. I bought some from the drugstore. Tinkle. Stupid. Now, I have cuts…AND bumps…AND large red bumps, all from using cheap knockoffs. Tinkle. The Tinkle is so safe that I can use them without looking at the mirror.

You know what? I’m lazy. Sometimes, all you have to do is trim the hair as soon as possible. Smooth skin, soft skin…happy me. Tinkle, but only. Now, sad me will wait for the angry red foothills (go AWAY you old bumps!As I await new Tinkles, I won’t ever stray. Don’t stray. You can learn from another person’s foolish move. Buy the Tinkles. Seriously. This is not the kind of horror you see now.

“I won’t use any other brand for dermaplaning!” This product can easily take off any skin that isn’t healthy or if you have peach fuzz. Avoid the imitations. The half-pack will not be as sharp and dull. Tinkle razors work great and are very affordable! Your makeup will blend more easily and feel better on your skin if you do weekly dermanplaning.

The product is not well-documented, however, after seeing a few YouTube videos, I felt more confident about using the product to treat dermaplaining. My skin is sensitive and very light.

My face was cleansed and I then began slowly to dermaplain it using a light touch. The process was so quick that I didn’t have to do much more than I wanted. I haven’t knicked my skin even once! After using the product, I apply Witch Hazel toner and experience no inflammation.

After a couple of weeks without a haircut, my husband started to use this product on the back side of his neck. He can do it quickly and easily with this product.

“I’ve given them out to my family and friends.”

These razors have a lot of popularity. You can shave your face so that the regrowth will not be as obvious for some time. For me, it took about two weeks. It’s not that my facial hair is very dense or long, but it’s enough to make me want to shave. This makes your skin look younger, smoother and gives you a slight exfoliation.

This is by far the most amazing product I have ever seen! It was recommended by PaleoOmg, an IG celebrity that I follow. You can find her favourite products on her blog, which she also has a fashion, food and travel blog. I had never even considered shaving my skin and don’t have any hair. However, this product makes makeup much easier and it doesn’t take as long to apply. You’d be amazed at the difference removing peach fuzz makes to your skin! Your hair will not grow darken or become more coarse. After washing my face, I apply it to my scalp. It also seems to act as a mild exfoliant. This product is a must-have! You can also turn and angle the device to reach all areas of your face. Although it is intended for the eyebrows only, I have used it for my whole face.