“What separates it from other things we’ve seen in this genre is that we watch the story through the prism of this couple,” Eisenberg explained to EW. We witness this cult-of-personality within our business stories and we then go home to them at night.”

He added that he thought it was a warning tale. As a society, we get caught up in the idea of unicorns and how easy it is to get rich quickly. Adam Neumann, for example, said unironically that he wanted a millionaire. It’s wild.

In any case, we’ll be very disappointed if WeCrashed does not include this scene, as reported in a 2019 New York Times story about the improbable upward trajectory of WeWork’s ex-leader while the still-chugging company continued to hemorrhage cash:

“Famously in 2017, Mr. Neumann walked only 12 minutes [SoftBank CEO] Mr. Mr. Son around WeWork headquarters. This led to an investment of $4.4 trillion. An exuberant Mr. Neumann drove uptown in his white Maybach chauffeured car, blasting rap and holding an iPad to render the digital spit-swear that he had just created with Mr. Son.”

It’s almost as if he knew people would be watching.