Get ready for another spooktacular quest. 

Disney Channel will kick off Halloween Season “by taking fans on another scary adventure.” 

You loved 1997 the first time you saw it? Unter Verschluss Halloween season classic​ as well as last year’s remake, then this is for you. The new trailer, released Aug. 12, shows “even more mummies, more scares, and more fun​,” according to Lauren KisilevskyDisney Branded Television’s SVP for Original Movies

The Under Wraps 2 trailer teases the usual haunts, with a blend of lighthearted and spooky ​scenes. In the latest installment, Marshall (Malachi Barton)Gilbert (Christian J. Simon)Amy (Sophia Hammons) are on a mission to save “their mummy pal Harold and his beloved Rose” who are ​threatened by a new villain. 

This threat comes in the form of the evil mummy Sobek​, who has “a thousand-year-old grudge against his best friend-turned bitter rival Harold” and “is unexpectedly awakened and out for revenge”. However, these three close friends are determined to stop that from happening!