While “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” may be a classic hit by the 80’s Glam Rock band, Warrant, it’s also a classic “Civil War” novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe. And, we actually know where she wrote the book. Boy, is this place historic. We’re talkin’ 18th century, my friends. The house on College St. in Maine is where Stowe crafted the best-seller in mid 19th century, and after over 100 years, it’s up for sale. One can easily imagine how difficult the upkeep on this aged real estate gem is. But, if you’ve always wanted to live somewhere in Maine, want a 6 bedroom house, or are a history buff, then you may want to add the “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” home to your hunting list.

The generously-sized three story house has your living room, a sitting room to read or study, fireplace, renewed attic, basement, and one-car garage. As for bathroom facilities, you’re going to have to wait in line when hosting dinner parties or having relatives over. Or, you can add a second bathroom. It may have to be on the level where the attic is, though. But hey, two bathrooms are better than one! Nonetheless, this house is rich with history and still appears to be in great shape to this day.

Address: 30 College St, Brunswick ME 04011