The Umbrella Academy heroes have received a less-than-warm welcome upon their return to the present day.

In the first trailer for season three of Netflix’s action drama, the heroes—including Viktor, previously Vanya, (Elliot PageLutherTom Hopper), Diego (David Castañeda), Allison (Emmy RaverLampman), Klaus (Robert Sheehan), and Five (Aidan Gallagher)—are met with a harsh reality: Their time jumping has caused a time paradox, resulting in the erasure of their beloved superhero school. 

You can do even more wild things! Their super shoes have been filled by the Sparrow Academy, which includes Justin H. MinBen Umbrella AcademyFor newcomers Justin CornwellBritne Olford, Jake EpsteinGenesis RodriguezAnd Cazzie David.

And, as we can see in the trailer, this new crime-fighting squad is just as formidable as the Umbrella Academy. Are they any better?

Diego laments, “They are all d—kheads,” to his siblings.

Luther points out that Sparrows, however, are “d–kheads who fight.”

Viktor, however, is confident that he will defeat the Sparrows and warns the leader: “I ended all the world.” Twice. You? “You’re only meat and spandex.”