Moving helpers face mask because of coronavirus when moving carry boxes in Covid-19 pandemic

Relocating for work or just choosing to make a change in your life and live somewhere else takes a lot of physical effort to get there. You have to plan ahead to make a major move of your entire household and all of your belongings. If you are feeling overwhelmed and/or lost, you are not alone. Psychology experts agree that the process of moving causes a lot of different and potentially negative feelings to crop up, even when you really did want to move.

So, how can you make a cross country move easier, better, more efficient, etc.? Start with the following tips. Then assess how you feel afterward.

Rent a Moving Truck Bigger Than What You Think You Will Need

One of the biggest mistakes, as well as one of the biggest headaches people have when it’s time to move across the country is that they frequently rent a moving truck that is not big enough to hold all of their belongings. Subsequently, they end up having to either store/stash what doesn’t fit on the truck in a storage unit and come back for it later, or they have to rent a second truck. That is enough stress unto itself. Always rent a truck bigger than what you think you will need. If the moving company suggests a twenty-footer, rent the twenty-six-footer, just to be sure. It will save you a lot of time, money, stress, and distress in the long run.

Pack up Everything You Definitely Don’t Need or Aren’t Using

People get overwhelmed with packing for a move because they aren’t sure where to start. Start by packing up everything you aren’t using, don’t need to use in the next days and weeks leading up to your move, and anything you haven’t used in months. Put all of these totes, boxes, bags, etc., in the garage where it will be easier to start loading the moving truck. Keep packing up stuff you are not using and don’t need as it gets closer to moving day. Then there won’t be much left to pack on or before moving day itself.

Label Everything

Sure, it sounds a little obsessive, but honestly, labeling everything is a very efficient way to identify where every box should go when you reach your new home. If you have movers helping you, it helps them figure out where everything is supposed to go too. A simple permanent or dry-erase marker is effective, and you can even make basic labels from tape and markers.

Use a Transport Service for Your Car/Extra Cars

If you are like most American families, you have an extra car. Since it would take a lot of time and effort to get both cars (or extra cars!) to the new home, hire a car transport service. These professionals are drivers that collect your extra vehicles and deliver them to your new address.

Make Sure Your New Abode Cross-Country Is Move-in Ready

If you are moving into an apartment or any rented living space, make sure it is clean and ready for you to move in. Nobody wants to move all the way across the country to enter an abode and find that they will have to power-scrub the place before they can unpack! If you physically went to view the place before you put money down on it, then you can verify if it is ready to move in or not. Most proprietors are pretty good about cleaning a place before having new tenants.

If you are buying a home or condo, it should be clean and ready to move in. Nobody buys a house/condo sight unseen and most real estate agents won’t sell something that is a mess. Cut your stress by verifying that your new digs are ready, clean, and waiting for you to settle in.