This oil is in the bottle. However, when it comes into contact with water it becomes a milky, sheer lotion. It cleanses your body as you bathe. It softens, moisturizes, and cleanses skin. 

It is one of those products you’ll keep buying after you have tried it. Ulta shoppers shared their experience, saying, “This is my favorite way to shave.” Before this purchase, I was 22 years old and had never had anything compare to its scent, softness, effectiveness, or fragrance. Your skin is left feeling smooth and not greasy after you have shaved your hair. It’s like I just got out of the spa. “I have some holy grail products. I have about five products on my list. After one usage, I know it’s there!”

A second person shared similar sentiments and said, “Absolutely LOVE this.” It is very pleasant to the smell and it feels great on skin. It is an oil cleanser. I was not expecting it to do that. However, it transforms from oil into water that dissolves and becomes a gentle cleansing oil. This product is amazing and I plan to purchase more.