There are legends who still live, yet try their best to hide themselves from the world. And, you have those who are gone completely, but live on spiritually (as some say). Then, there are legends who are gone, but are still talked about. One of a handful of legendary baseball players, Ty Cobb, may be best remembered for having an award created after him, the…….well……Ty Cobb. Not to also mention that most of his baseball records still stand out today, for none of them have been broken yet. And, although received a big-time renovation in 92′, Cobb’s Zephyr Cove home was put up on the market 1 1/2 months ago by his granddaughter, Leslie McLaren, and other Cobb relatives.

Leslie told the press that at first, his g-pa’s home was like a little cabin. After that big-time renovation Leslie and co. made, it stands tall with two stories and 2,438 sq ft of actual living space. Even after the renovations were made, Cobb’s former retreat still retains a good amount of modifiable space. The 4 bed and 4 bath estate rests on 2.25 acres. House comes complete with oven w/ range, an additional oven, large refridgerator, fireplace, game room, and a big patio deck that overlooks the nearby body of water beautifully (accompanied by some pretty towering pine trees). The lodge-like headquarters provides security, seclusion, and relaxation to whoever has $6.5 mill.

Address: 1476 Highway 50, Zephyr Cove NV 89448