Carson Daly’s House

Tis’ the season to be spending. We’re not talking your regular annual kind of shopping though. If you’re a celebrity, than you’re more than likely to shop for a house or a home. And, if you’d tune in on MTV frequently in the late 90’s, then you must’ve seen Carson Daly all the while. He’s still doing well for himself. Daly’s actually a busy man, with time continuing to be invested in “The Voice” and, just recently, “Today Show.” Carson being on your TV “daily” enabled him to shell out roughly $6.5 million for a nice two-story 6,034 sq ft house in Long Island, NY.

The 1.3 acre property boasts a beautful front lawn, complete with proper foliage. The front side of the house is just a preview of what’s to be had as you make your way through to the backyard area. Daly has a large pool, a pool house, and there’s lots of room for poolside seating. Backyard also consists of more beautiful greenery. As for the inside of the main house, you have fireplaces up the wazoo, a game room, formal and casual dining, and 6 bedrooms.

Address: Unknown