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Prepare to be terrified Bel-Air’s Fresh Prince fans. Two O.G. Peacock’s new drama series will see two O.G.s from the famous ’90s sitcom reunited Bel-Air.

Daphne Maxwell ReidFrom 1993 to 1996, Aunt Viv was played by Viv, who also appeared in the film. Vernee Watson JohnsonWho was the player? Will SmithViola Smith (Vy), a mother to Virgil, will appear on the episode’s March 24, 2014. Janice and Helen will be playing the roles of two Art Council Board of Trustees members.

This is the very first photo that we have of these veteran actors in action during a scene. Cassandra Freeman, Bel-AirViv, Watson-Johnson’s aunt. Watson-Johnson sports an elegant blue blazer and Reid wears a colorful printed top.

Will Smith created this executive and was inspired by Morgan Cooper‘s viral short film, which reimagined the iconic sitcom, Bel-Air takes a dramatic and raw approach to New Prince It’s set in the modern-day U.S., and Jabari Banks portrays the lead role of Will.