Joan and Toni were there before Issa or Molly.

However Girls with whom to be friendsIt was premiered in 21 years ago, every viewer—no matter how young you truly were—can still remember where they were when Joan and Toni’s friendship dissolved in heartbreaking fashion right before Toni’s wedding.

However, we eagerly waited for Joan’s (and before) moment.Tracee Ellis RossToni (Jill Marie Jones)—along with Lynn (Persia WeißMaya (Golden Brooks)—took the world by storm as four Black professionals in their early thirties navigating life, love and everything in between.

Girls with whom to be friendsFrom its eight season premiere in 2008 to its final episode,, set the stage for Black women’s representation on small-screen television in the early 2000’s. But let’s not forget shows like A Different World (who didn’t want to be Whitley Gilbert marching around campus at one point?) And Living single also paved the way for celebrating the nuances of friendship between Black women in the early ‘90s.