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It’s cool to have a style that you love, but it is also a good idea to change things up. Weg More fun. Ask! Taraji P. Henson. Taraji started TPH Hair Care, a hair care brand that offers revolutionary products for all “Hair Chameleons”. According to the entrepreneur, CelebHomes NewsI have loved trying different styles for a long time. As a child, I used to come up with wild hairstyles and color ideas and my stylist would do the same.

Her explanation was as follows: “I’ve tried everything, and I know that consumers have done the same. I began to call them Hair Chameleons because they change their hairstyles depending on what is trending, season or mood. The ultimate Hair Chameleons are black and brown women. Our hair is our personal expression and that’s why I love celebrating it.” 

Taraji has much to be proud of. Taraji has TPH by Taraji now in stock at Sally Beauty. Exclusive interview with the iconic hairstyleist.