Terry Bradshaw is constantly proving just how much he loves his family, especially when it comes to his eight-year-old granddaughter Zurie. So it should come as no surprise that he’s willing to endure a DIY back wax when she points out that he resembles “Bigfoot.” 

Zurie compares the two on tomorrow’s all new episode of The Bradshaw BunchTerry is about to take a dip into the pool. This sneak peek clip shows that Terry initially believes Zurie is teasing Terry about his weight. 

“Just because I have been retaining some fluid, you take another shot …”,” he says, until Rachel BradshawThe obvious: “She’s talking to your hair on your head!”

“You could braid that,” Erin BradshawAdds. “It’s all a whole situation.”

Terry’s wife is a blessing. TammyKeeps some wax strips handy.

“We can take care right now!” LaceySays.

Zurie is still astonished by the Bigfoot-like backhair in a confessional.