It is hard to predict the future.

Oxygen’s True-crime Series An Unexpected Killer is back for its third and most shocking season yet. Brand new episodes begin March 4, and based on this exclusive sneak peek, viewers will be second-guessingAll as they follow along with experienced homicide investigators who believe they’re inches away from solving a complicated case, only to come across something entirely unanticipated. From new witnesses to an overlooked piece of evidence, just know that each investigation will be sent into a completely new direction—perhaps even closer to home. 

In the trailer below, one of the interviewees warns that “He wasn’t the man we thought him to be.” 

These interviews feature key figures and potential suspects. An Unexpected Killer will also offer re-enactments and conduct an in-depth examination of each crime scene. 

It’s all kicking off on the season three premiere, which is sure to shock even the savviest of true-crime fans.