You gotta stay smart when it comes to your heart.

Faith JenkinsHost of Oxygen’s true crime series Faith Jenkins is a killer partnerThese expert tips will help you find the love of your life this Valentine’s Day

Jenkins is inspired by some cases from her series, which document toxic relationships in real life that led to murder. Jenkins encourages you to keep your safety by being aware of these dating do’s and don’ts.

Jenkins said in an exclusive interview that “if you are looking for a serious, monogynous relationship with someone, you should look out for someone who is prone to infidelity.” People’s behavior patterns can reveal a lot. I always say people lie, patterns don’t. So when you’re coming into a new relationship and someone says, ‘Yes, I have this history of lying or yes, I have this history of cheating, but things are going to be different now.’ Why? “People don’t make changes for others, but they do it for their own good.”

Jenkins said, “So it is important to always look at the actions of others and not what they are saying.” You should only look at the evidence they give you about who they really are.