Trixie Mattelwill have to DragThey’re so chic that they invite guests to their rooms in motels.

The drag queen, real name: Brian FirkusThe Discovery+ series will feature a behind-the-scenes look at her recent renovation project to build the most famous motel in history. Trixie Motel. The eight-episode series, which will be available to stream online on June 3, will focus on Trixie and her partner. David Silver‘s efforts to bring the mid-century modern Palm Springs motel up to their standards.

But after splashing out $2 million on the investment property, the couple tries to save some money by bringing in their friends, including Lisa Vanderpump, Zooey DeschanelIggy AzaleaOrville Peck All of it. And it wouldn’t be a true Trixie Mattel production without the one and only Katya Zamolodchikova, a.k.a. Brian McCook.

The premiere will be announced soon, but fans must wait. Trixie Motel to see the full reveal, the drag queen gave her Instagram followers a sneak peek of the premises and we’ve got one word to describe it: Pink!